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Appraisal Type Price Suggested Uses Description
Market Data Research $75.00 Pre- Appraisal research, to verify if an appraisal is warranted/2nd Opinion for listing purposes.
Restricted Use Custom Appraisal $225.00 Property Tax Tribunal Appraisal/Estate Appraisal/Mutual Agreed Divorce
Full Summary Appraisal Report $325.00 Estate appraisal / Divorce Appraisal
Full Summary Appraisal Report – Mortgage Appraisal $325.00-$375.00 Single Family Residential Mortgage Appraisals. (Colateral USE Only)
RELOCATION - Small Commercial – Small Income Properties Call for Quote Custom designed for Residential Real estate relocation, Commercial and Income purposes.

*Minimum Fee - Additional Charges May Apply. Please Call for a Quote.